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Glittered Black Tulle Evening Dress With Frilled Skirt

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Product code: 7429-SIYAH
6 Rating
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Estimated Delivery Time: 2-6 Days
Product Description

Fabric Type: 50% Cotton - 35% Polyester - 15% ElastaneWashing Instructions: Necessary washing instructions are available on the inner label section of the product. You can get necessary information about washing instructions and symbols here.

Model Dimensions
  • Height: 1.78 cm
  • Bust: 86cm
  • Waist: 62cm
  • Hips: 94 cm
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Model Top: S/36
  • Model Bottom: S/36/27
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Payment options

You can purchase this product by paying with Western Union (For payment with Western, you need to contact us via WhatsApp). You can also pay by credit card for your orders on the website.

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Total 6 CommentYorumunuzu Ekleyin
  • Oya09.05.2022

    Tek kelimeyle mü-kem-mel bu bu fiyata bu ürün inanılmaz çok ağır ve asil duruyor çok da rahat alın aldırın kalitesi 5 yıldız

  • N****S****17.05.2022

    ürünü eşime aldım. görseldeki gibi. kumaşı da kaliteli. ancak eşime sar geldiği için iade etmek zorunda kaldım. hızlı kargo için de ayrıca teşekkür ederim. alacak iseniz kilonuzu ve görseldeki ürün ile mankeni kıyaslayın derim. yine de güzel bir elbise. önemli plan bedeninizi bulmak.

  • N****Z****16.05.2022

    O kadar çok içime sindi ki.. M beden aldım S alsam da olurmuş kumaşı, dokusu, kalitesi muhteşem.

  • J****b***01.05.2022

    It came amazingly fast and the product is very nice get your full size

  • **** ****27.05.2022

    Robe super ample

  • H****C****28.04.2022

    Qızım üçün alınıb, çox qəşəngdir

Size Chart


TR/EU US UK Foot Length(cm)
35 5 2 22,5
36 6 3 23
37 7 4 23,5
38 8 5 24,5
39 9 6 25
40 10 7 25,5
41 11 8 26,5

Denim and Jeans

TR/EU Waist (cm) Leg size(cm)
24 60,5 32-34
25 63,5 32-34
26 66 34-36
27 68,5 34-36
28 71 34-36
29 73,5 34-36
30 76 34-36
31 78,5 36-38
32 81 36-38


Size TR/EU UK US IT Chest(cm) Waist (cm)
XXS 32 4 0 36 74-77 60-62
XS 34 6 2 38 78-81 63-65
S 36 8 4 40 82-85 66-69
M 38 10 6 42 86-89 70-73
L 40 12 8 44 90-93 74-77
XL 42 14 10 46 94-97 78-81
XXL 44 16 12 48 98-102 82-86
3XL 46 18 14 50 103-107 87-91
4XL 48 20 16 52 108-113 92-96
5XL 50 22 18 54 114-119 97-102
6XL 52 24 20 56 120-125 103-108
7XL 54 26 22 58 126-131 109-114

Trousers & Bottom Wear

TR/EU Size Waist (cm)
32 XXS 60-62
34 XS 63-65
36 S 66-69
38 M 70-73
40 L 74-77
42 XL 78-81
44 XXL 82-86
46 3XL 87-91
48 4XL 92-96
50 5XL 97-102
52 6XL 103-108
54 7XL 109-114
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